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    Research Qs

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    Research Qs

    Post by Ahmed on Thu May 06, 2010 7:04 pm

    1-Did imperialism in Nigeria in the 1800s improve Ghana’s economy?
    2-How did Nigeria get colonized in the 1800s?
    3-Which nation colonized Nigeria in the 1800s?
    4-How did imperialism affect the people of Nigeria?
    5-When did Nigeria get its independence?
    6-How did Nigeria gain it independence?
    7-Were the Nigerian people treated well by the imperialists?
    8-How did the imperialists rule Nigeria in the 1800s?
    9-How was imperialism, during the 1800s, in Nigeria similar to imperialism that took place in other African countries?
    10-What was the exact date in which Nigeria was colonized?
    11-Did the Nigerians resist the imperialism?
    12-How did imperialism contribute to Nigeria’s culture?
    13- Did Nigeria have a native government while it was imperialized in the 1800s?
    14-Did imperialism help Nigeria advance in civilization?
    15-Why did Nigeria get imperialized in the 1800s?
    16-How did imperializing Nigeria in the 1800s help the imperializing country?
    17-How did imperialism change the traditions of the Nigerians in the 1800s?
    18-How did imperialism in Nigeria in the 1800s impact gender roles?
    19-Did Christianity spread in Nigeria due to the Imperialist power’s influence?
    20-Did imperialism in Nigeria in the 1800s have an effect on the Nigerian language?



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