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    Debate Rules


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    Debate Rules

    Post by Placids on Thu Nov 29, 2007 8:09 pm

    Debates are always fun but they do get very aggressive sometimes in the meaning of words. Please follow these rules to have a safe and fun debate.

    1. Swearing
    Swearing will not be allowed in this forum. It is not allowed on the forums and it will not be allowed in here.

    2. Religion
    Please keep religion to a minimum and do not make any racial remarks about religion. Religion leads to a whole bunch of controversy's.

    3. Know what you are talking about
    If there is a debate and you have no clue what the subject is and you do not know what it even is. Research it or find another debate. It will basically get you flammed by people saying you don't even know what your talking about except more harsh.

    4. Post on topic
    Please do not post about something different. Only post about what the debate is about.

    5. When making a debate, post what it is about
    Some debates don't require you to know what the debate is about but some do. Therefore we ask you to post what the debate is about so that we can talk about it.
    bad Ex= What do you think about the gold rush?
    That doesn't tell us where.

    These rules will be modified as we see fit.

    This Forum is under heavy moderation

    Rule Modifications
    (if editing this please but the date the rule was modified.)
    Edited by Toxic Spikes November 30 2007
    George Bush was unnecesary, you need to get an okay from Wise before making rules of a random forum. Also, discuss it in the Moderating Team forum before you post something else like this.

    Edited by Internal December 1 2007
    Added rule number 5

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