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It turns out my anti-virus had a website blocking feature I never knew about. Not sure why this ended up on the block list.

Anyways, it seems like I'm talking to myself now... *Bangs head to wall*

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And here it is:

Commentary is in the form of annotations.

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After they have bought LIPA, the electric bills have increased...

Still no word on whether or not I got accepted into SUNY...

I have been addicted to Doctor Who again recently by watching from the beginning of the reboot series (Starting with Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and reaching to Matt Smith's first season today.). Also this sounds crazy for me, but I started watching some anime where guns are girls and they go to an academy for guns... once again proving that Japan is the biggest exporter of weird stuff.

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Because just I found what their tuition is:

And that is a HELL lot cheaper than NYIT!

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Because I'm bored, I started to look up cheap Android phones that could be a contender to replace my sluggish Huawei Prism. These look good:

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No, you're got getting your minute back. You wasted it yourself.

Also, what happened to the spam forum? Suspect

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I miss reading those comics during elementary school:

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Main reason for this is because I lost my NYIT scholarship by .1 GPA. I'm currently trying to appeal to the school about this, but if I fail I will have to consider going to NCC.

Meanwhile I'm waiting for the IRS to send the Tax Return info so I use it for the appeal.

If I have to resort to Community College, hopefully NCC will accept my NYIT credits...

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This came at a time when I'm suffering from a bit of multiplayer fatigue as well, so I got the following games for free for a month:
FarCry 2
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Saints Row The Third

Started to play each of them, all of them are pretty good! Made a pretty weird character in SR3, and I can't stop laughing every time I start up the game! Hilarious

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I found this video last month:

And now I can't stop thinking about it!!! >.<

Food for thought?

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It's gotten worse. Worse to the point that my parents are arguing over money and making my dad so mad that he decided to leave just a couple of minutes ago.

Ain't life just swell....

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The main purpose of this blog was to see if embed codes from Facebook work here or not.

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Lately I have been thinking of getting this tablet bundle:


CPU Type Tegra 3 ARM
CPU Core Quad-Core
CPU Speed 1.2GHz

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That is all.

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I'm getting back to being interested in UFOs, Aliens, Area 51, etc. I stumbled on to this video during my search:

What do you guys think?

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What? Surprised

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And I still don't have all the textbooks for next semester's classes.

Why? because I sent a email to my professors asking them if I needed those books. None of them replied.

This sucks...

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Disappeared for a while just to get away from the chaos of what is this forum. This will be my last post, and I leave you this video:

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Now I'm getting actual letters. Mad

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This is currently the year of the rabbit! I was unable to attend the parade in NYC however.

And I have just started getting my red envelopes of money! tongue

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