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Finally got my housing assignment at OU yesterday. My roomie and I were placed in the smallest dorm possible. It appears to be about 2.5m by 3m, according to a virtual tour thing.  Most of the space is already taken up by two crappy beds and two crappy desks. Not long after, I get an email from my roomie who introduced himself, then went on to say that he'll be bringing a mini-fridge, desktop computer, and a ton of band equipment.

Thanks for taking up as much space as possible bro,
And thanks for using up all the wall outlets,
I appreciate it,

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It's beautiful and I love it.

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Marks the end of my highschool days. And don't tell me congrats... I'm sick and tired of people treating this as an accomplishment, because it's really not in the least bit. :\

Just wanted to post this since I've been slapping my grades in my blog for a while now and I just want to keep up with the times yo

E2 is the grade I got on the final exam and S2 is the final grade in the class.

Could be better, could be worse. Regardless: College, come at me bro.

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Some stupid piece of sh!t hit my friend with a car yesterday night and broke his spine and he just drove away like a little female dog without calling 911 or anything, luckily there were other people around that did

I'm so fcking pissed off and I want some fcking payback but even if he is caught the full retard "justice" system won't let anybody do anything to him

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Already have 3 pages of math homework, half my teachers suck, and I have so many books my backpack can't fit in my locker.



by Ace - Comments: 12 - Views: 184
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Expect a rant that afternoon and pretend to care about my day.


by Ace - Comments: 5 - Views: 133
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Of high school.

I'm kinda sad dude... I never realized how many of my friends were seniors until this week. I may not see the majority of them ever again.

I also feel really bad for one of my fellow juniors. I rarely talked to him, and when I did we only had short conversations, but yesterday his dad died of heart complications. Really sucks, man.

These be my grades for the year. I totally bombed my math final (E2) and it slapped my A in that class down to a B. -_- But on the...

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From here on out (til May 23rd or somewhere around there) I only go to school Monday thru Thursday.


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I'm taking a Russian girl to prom.


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Is goin' on right now for me. Unfortunately I have to get surgery tomorrow to remove my retarded wisdom teeth, so all spring break I'll have nothing to do but laze around the house eating codeine like it's candy.

You guys gotta be able to entertain me... get the defibrillator and bring this place back to life...

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There's an eighth grader who has a crush on me.

What the heck, man. Hilarious

by Ace - Comments: 8 - Views: 185
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I was waiting for my bus right outside school today when one of my really good friends shows up out of nowhere and asks me if he can borrow a five. He was acting really weird about it and was all twitchy and stuff. I only had four dollars on me at the time so I gave him all that I had. He thanked me, and I asked what was up, and basically he told me he just took eight morphine pills and he needed some money to get to the gas station. He said he was gonna die and he laughed about it and stuff, and then he left.

I'm afraid I just gave him drug money because he didn't say what he was gonna...

by Ace - Comments: 10 - Views: 175
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Went to the dentist today. My teeth are alright but apparently my wisdom teeth are already coming in... Normal people don't have to deal with wisdom teeth crap until they're like 19. The dentist says that all four of the teeth will probably have to be pulled out as soon as Spring break. I'm gonna be in so much pain. D:

I real pissed off at my school. In accounting the class was making real progress during the first semester. But that teacher was reassigned to a different school, and he was replaced by a total dumbass who...

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Sup dawgs

I have to analyze this gay poem for English... Can someone tell me if 'eddies' (like in a river) can kill people?

by Ace - Comments: 3 - Views: 177
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Had a derp moment this morning... my mind is always cloudy when I wake up...

Couldn't remember if my alarm had gone off or not... so I looked at the time and interpreted 3:40 as 6:40... I normally get up at 6:25... so I got up, took a shower and did all that crap before finally noticing that I'm a complete moron.

Normal people would go back to sleep right about now but I know all I'd do is lie in bed and stare at my ceiling for two hours...


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Got enrolled in Webpage Design on Tuesday, and I just made and coded my first website today... not too shabby IMO. Basically all I did was put a picture and a bunch of random text on a page... I would show you guys, but it's boring and I don't remember the url (could get it Monday if you guys want).

The class kinda sucks though... one typo could just screw up everything, so it's tedious work...

Another guy my brother knew died last week. He's the fourth person to die out of my brother's HS graduating class. Nobody's even really sure why he died. I heard he hit his head on...

by Ace - Comments: 5 - Views: 200
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If you didn't know...
C1= Class Grade
E1= Exam Grade
S1= Class Grade combined with Exam Grade

Bombed my math final, which bumped me down to a C in that class. Now I'm pissed.

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My mom just went to the emergency room (nothing else is open at 9:10) because she scratched her eye by sticking her finger in it.


by Ace - Comments: 1 - Views: 173
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Since you guys probably don't remember part one, here's a recap of the epic adventure:

My mom's minivan had problems with its brakes, so we took it to an autoshop on Oct 17. The brakes were replaced, but the mechanic didn't bleed the brakes, blahblahblah, the van rolled out of the shop at a surprisingly high speed, slammed into a Ford King Ranch, and was heavily damaged. It was all the autoshop's fault, so they said they'd take care of it.

Now it's Dec 14 and the van is FINALLY fixed. Today my mom went to the autoshop to pick it up and exchange our rental we got. But now...

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Took the ASVAB today since I still don't know where I'm going in life... it was boring and some of the sections had horribly short time limits.

I have to make a poem for history class this weekend... it's completely retarded 'cause I have to make a parody My Country Tis of Thee. That's not fricken history... shouldn't even be a part of my curriculum.

Anybody know if the movie Immortals is good? I might go see it out of boredom... unless it sucks...

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Two days until the supposed attack on Facebook by Anonymous... I've placed a ten dollar bet that it'll happen and be effective. If the attack was just a false rumor I'll be srsly disappoint.

Today, the only thing I learned was that Super Mario's original name was Jump Man. And Donket Kong's original name was Monkey Kong. I guess the creators changed Monkey TO Donkey cause he a total @ss. That's the only logical explanation.

The guy in my computer class we call the Mid-East Beast is already done with the class's curriculum... the dude has nothing to do until...

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The blog area needs to be cleaned up... those topics that for some reason aren't actually in blogs should be removed (except for the blog request threads and other things that belong there).

I just made an XBL account, and the automated gamertag it assigned me is just retarded... so I went to change it, but all the good gamertags are already taken. D: Anything's better than CarnivalBoy though.

So uh... sup gais?

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Gather 'rould yall, it's story time. At 11:29 PM.

So I visited the local autoshop recently with my dad to check up on my mom's minivan, which was sent in because the brakes were malfunctioning. And before I go on...

My God, it's really fricken scary to be in a high-speed vehicle with malfunctioning brakes. Believe me.

ANYWAY. Thing is, the brakes were replaced just fine. But lo and behold... THE MECHANIC FORGOT TO BLEED THE BRAKES. In other words... they were attached to the vehicle, but still didn't work because (I presume, I have no idea what bleeding breaks...

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